Month: May 2013

This week at Tri State Transport

Tri State Transport this week have provided a variety of services including Road Trains, B-Doubles, Drop decks and Flat top trailers.

Our Branches in Melbourne Newcastle and Perth have provided transport to every state in the country showing yet again we can handle any freight requirements.

Tri State Transport are regularly asked to provide transport solutions for difficult tasks, we are always happy to meet with our customers to discuss there requirements. (see picture).
As you can see we take this quite seriously, however I think this particular conversation may have quickly turned into a debate about the merits of Shaving or waxing your bald head!!

Continuing on a lighter note The Tri State Transport AFL Tipping comp is heading for a boil over, the self named GOD of All things sport (Troy) is a mile behind and the author of this blog the clear favourite is also behind to none other than Donna Labas, needless to say the boys in the Melbourne office are not happy.