Our commitment to prosper through growth, job and increased customer satisfaction ensure we remain an integral part of the transport industry.


Our Dedication and attention to detail is to our Customers needs and providing the best transport solution at cost effective prices.
This philosophy enables us to:

  • Provide time efficient freight management
  • Provide after sales support 
  • Transport Cost Analysis Reports
  • Adhere to Policies set by Main Roads, Police and Utility Services and other Government regulations ensuring permits are in place to complete the job safely and efficiently.
  • Encourage Employees to be involved in our continuous growth improving quality, standards and service

Our commitment to prosper through growth, job and increased customer satisfaction ensure we remain an integral part of the transport industry. 


Policies in place are as follows with more information in detail available if required:

  • WA HV Accreditation
            – Fatigue
            – Maintenance
            – Load & Dimensional
  • NHVAS Maintenance Management
  • Oversize Vehicle Movements
  • Safety Management Policy


Tri-State Transports code of conduct requires:

  • That we respect each other – Meaning that we accept each other, their opinions & having mutual trust and teamwork involvement. Harassment, verbal abuse or misconduct in any form is unacceptable.
  • Act with Integrity – On behalf of the Company we are always to act with integrity and good faith. All employees are obligated to only use the Company offices, equipment, vehicles, records or other Company property for the use of Company business and not for private or improper use unless specifically authorised to do so by a Managing Director of the Company.
  • Always respect confidentiality – All employees sign a confidentiality agreement on employment and must ensure all confidential information (personal or otherwise) made available for the purpose of their position is not disclosed to any other party within the Company or outside the Company unless required by law.
  • Accountability – Always accept responsibility for our own actions, learn and move forward, ensuring that every action is followed through safely and efficiently.
  • Maintaining Standards of Professionalism – We are committed to equal opportunity and strive for a safe and efficient place of work. Upholding the reputation of ourselves and the Company we are driven to conduct ourselves with good morals to achieve a high standard of work.
  • Conflicts of Interest – Directors and Employees must gain consent before accepting any other appointment or directorship to assess whether the appointment could cause a conflict of interest which inturn may affect objective judgement.


Our team of expert staff have years of experience in the industry and are here to help.



Pam has collectively over 28 years’ experience in transport, corporate finance, operations and accounting.

Pam is a founding member of Tri-State Transport with her business partner Neville. She has personally attributed to the growth of the business and been responsible for management of all financial aspects of the business including assessing proposed capital acquisitions and the likely impact of Interstate expansion activities.

Tri-State Transport is a well-established and respected transport company and in an industry where male domination has and always be the norm she has gained the respect of not only her industry peers but also the wider business community.

Pam credits all her staff for the success of Tri-State Transport for what it is today.



As a founding member of Tri-State Transport Neville has over 28 years’ experience within the transport industry.

Neville’s extensive experience as a Managing Director has given him good insight into and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Tristate’s Management team and other staff members.

In addition to project generation and quoting Neville has provided guidance to Tristate’s State Managers.

From a humble start in the industry over 28 years ago driving a small truck in the metro area, Neville has had great pleasure watching Tri State develop into the company it has now become.

Neville appreciates everyone that has been involved with the growth and development of Tri-State Transport.



As a manager of Tri State Transport, I am entrusted with the development & growth of the business not only in Victoria, but as part of the managerial team Australia-wide.

From its beginnings in Melbourne in 2006, Tri State Transport has provided great challenges both in a business sense & personally. The continual development of the customer & sub-contractor base & employment of staff & assets is extremely satisfying.

Additionally, I enjoy the challenges of legislative & safety training & development within the transport industry.

The Tri State Transport team are warm, friendly & are devoted to providing a professional service. I very much feel that my efforts are appreciated & in turn our clients feel the same & that’s what counts!

Personally, I enjoy all aspects of the transport industry & look forward to the continual development of the business, to which I have great expectation. This challenge alone provides me with focus & a want to continue to work for Tri State Transport for many years to come.



As a key member of the Tri State Transport family, joining the company in its infancy and playing a pivotal role in its current success as a well established and highly regarded logistics organisation, I have enjoyed building the company’s reputation and credibility Australia wide.

Tri State’s owners have assisted me in my endeavours to transform the NSW branch into a cost effective and productive arm of the company. They have done this by providing me with the autonomy and freedom to conduct business based on local conditions on the ground.

This hands-off approach and trust in the decision making ability of those on the front line has resulted in a highly efficient and harmonious working relationship between the company’s three branches.

During my time with the company there have been many changes within the Transport Industry, both nationally and in West Australia. During my time Tri State Transport has become more than a mere job, more than a career, it has become my second home.





I have been a team member of the Tristate Transport Victorian depot since 2011 and during this time have found that the company has a strong focus on team work.

It’s great to be working in a team environment with dedicated, friendly and professional team members who all get on well and that can have a laugh together.

I have always worked in transport and I find that the Tristate working atmosphere makes it a pleasure to come to work every day, where I feel that my efforts are appreciated.

The management is extremely generous to team members, and I feel very lucky to be involved in the team.