Interstate Freight Services

Tri State Transport provides numerous services to satisfy our clients & in turn their clients demands. From palletised freight distributed locally, to mining transport services, to over-dimensional loads Australia-wide, Tri State Transport provides a total commercial transport solution through its vast network of fleet assets & sub-contractors.

Tri State Transport’s operations are meticulously planned by only a few dedicated professionals. Our managers can provide both quotes and time-frames for pick up & delivery. Multi customer, general freight loads are then planned & scheduled to maximize payload capability. Satellite tracking is provided on all fleet assets to give our clients an up to the minute location as to the whereabouts of their freight.

With clients allocated to a dedicated manager in your state, our clients are provided with a single point of contact (within that managers team) and can effectively liaise with a member of our interstate freight team that actually knows what & where your freight is at all times. This allows our customers to prepare unloading sites with cranes or forklifts as to the requirements of the delivery. Additionally, our fleet drivers are also readily contactable & our clients can in fact talk directly to the driver if the need arises.

Commercial Vehicle Transport

Specialised transport services can also be provided, in particular, tower crane, heavy machinery & structural steel transport. Dedicated assets can be provided with years of experience in these fields. Whether it be a 22.0m Extendable load of tower crane equipment or a 55t excavator to a 44t road-train of structural steel traversing Australia, Tri State Transport can provide your interstate transport services needs.

Road-trains – loading up to 3 x 45ft trailers, equipped with gates, tarps, timbers & load restraints Australia-wide

Oversize – loading freight with a width greater than 2.5m, Tri State Transport can provide permits &/or pilots to meet all State & Territory laws

Extendable – loading freight with a length greater than 14.0m, Tri State Transport can provide permits &/or pilots to meet all State & Territory laws


The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, through Quarantine WA, enforces quarantine laws that must be considered if you plan to move/transport freight into WA. Items may need to undergo quarantine treatments prior to entry, or will require inspection on arrival in WA.

Some items may even be prohibited entry into WA. Undeclared personal effects, containers, vehicles & machinery will usually be placed under quarantine for inspection which may result in delivery delays.

Tri State Transport is a certified Quarantine Facility for the Department of Agriculture & Foods WA & therefore can safely & securely hold freight at its depot until Quarantine clearance. For more information, please visit www.agric.wa.gov.au


We often get asked “when is a load classed as oversize?” Unfortunately every State is not uniform and compliance with regulations set by the various State Governments is important. Therefore we have set out below, tables and requirements for each State to make your understanding easier. Further guidelines can be obtained from your State Government Main Roads Website.