Interstate Car Transport

Australia is a vast country, which means getting your transport vehicles from point A to point B can be a time-consuming and costly process. 

Whether you’re transporting a car, caravan, trailer, truck, van, motorhome or even a boat, we take all the hassle out of car transport with our great interstate car transport service. You can count on us to transport your vehicle safely across the country.

Interstate Car Transport In Australia

We specialise in door-to-door interstate car and vehicle transport services. Our nationwide network of trusted carriers will get your vehicle – whether it’s a boat, caravan or car – safely and quickly to its destination. 

We transport cars within states as well. No distance is too long or too short for our Australia-wide car carrying services.

When Do You Need Interstate Car Transport

There are many reasons why folks would want to make use of our interstate vehicle transport services. Our services are perfect for you if you:

  • Are moving to a new home in a different state and need to take your vehicle with you
  • Sold your vehicle and need it to be transported to its new owner
  • Bought a boat or jetski and need it to be transported to your coastal holiday spot
  • Bought a vintage car in another state and need it transported to you 
  • Have a wrecked car on your property and need it transported to the junkyard
  • Own a car dealership and need vehicles transported to new owners all the time
  • Own car hire companies that need to move cars around the country

Sure, you can do it yourself. But why risk unforeseen circumstances – such as mechanical problems, busy roads and bad weather – when the professionals can do it for you? 

Our years of experience in the car transport business ensures we relocate vehicles on time and hassle-free. Let us take the stress off your shoulders. We will make sure that your vehicle gets from point A to point B without any problem!


Our Interstate Car Transport Services

Car Transport

Our extensive fleet of modern car transporters and car carriers are moving around Australia 24/7. 

Whether you need to relocate a new family car, luxury car, race car, a 4WD, vintage car or your trusted jalopy, our carriers will transport it safely and quickly to its new destination.

Caravan and Trailer Transport

Caravans and trailers are large, bulky vehicles that often require a muscle car to move them around. That’s not always possible so this is where professional car transportation is a great solution. 

If you purchased or sold a caravan or camper trailer in another state, and need it to be transported to your new holiday property or somewhere else, we will load it on our reliable vehicle carriers and securely deliver it for you. 

Truck, Van and Motorhome Transport

Time is money. And when you have bought or sold a truck, van or motorhome, it can take forever to transport it to its new location yourself. 

We can easily load up these large vehicles and transport them for you. This saves you time, money and hassle! 

We move light, heavy, private and commercial vans and trucks and any size motorhome.

Why Choose Us?

There are many car transport companies across Australia, but which one should you choose for your long-distance car transportation needs?

Do they offer depot service or door service? Can they guarantee a delivery date and arrange the collection? Are they Australian-owned and have flexible business hours? 

Those are just some of the questions you should ask.

We Provide Complete Peace of Mind

We have a reputation of being Australia’s most reliable and trustworthy interstate car transport service company. 

We have mapped out the fastest yet safest transit routes and are proud of our team of highly qualified, professional drivers. 

By choosing us you don’t have to subject your vehicle to the wear and tear that comes with driving it over long distances. 

A vehicle inspection during pick-up and delivery further ensures peace of mind before the keys are handed over to our driver.

What Sets Our Vehicle Transport Service Apart

Get a free, no-obligation quote

Before you commit to using our service, we give you a free and instant quote to help you compare the service offered and the price charged for it. 

All we need is the specifications of the type of vehicle that needs to be transported (i.e. make, model and whether it is mobile), and pick up and delivery locations.

We transfer all types of vehicles fast and affordably

Whether the vehicle transport is from city to city, locally or between states, our network of carriers is constantly on the go. This means we are always ready to assist! 

We work with you to stay within budget while ensuring the shortest delivery times for your vehicle delivery.

We Keep You in the Loop All the Way

Once you’ve booked your car transport with us, we will provide you with an agreed collection and delivery date.

While delivering on time is our priority, unforeseen circumstances could always arise. In this case, our dedicated service team will immediately let you know and adjust the delivery time if needs be.

Need To Get Your New Vehicle Home? Count On Us

Being part of the largest national car transport network in Australia, you are guaranteed that your new car will be safely loaded and secured for transportation. 

Our years of experience and great communication all the way ensures professional service from pickup to delivery.

Get In Touch For Reliable Interstate Car Transport

As soon as you’re ready to move your car interstate, contact us for expert advice and an instant quote. 

You are under no obligation to go with us, but we’re confident that you’ll find our great service and reliable interstate transporting solutions hard to beat. 

For further information about our Australia-wide car and other vehicles transit services, contact us right away. 

We are always happy and ready to help!