Transport Companies NSW

We are a nationally recognised interstate transport services and logistics company based in New South Wales. We are proud to offer customers across Australia our local and interstate delivery, truck transport, freight and commercial vehicle transport services.

If you’re in the engineering, construction or general freight services industry, our transportation services are the right choice for all your logistics requirements.

Need To Transport Your Goods Across The Country?

When transporting cargo, freight or goods from locations across the country, you need an interstate transport company that is well-versed in interstate transport requirements. Our professional team will negotiate the required permits to ensure we meet all State and Territory laws regarding oversize freight. That is, for instance, loads with a width greater than 2.5 metres or extendable loading freight with a length greater than 14 metres.

Over the years, our business has expanded to extend our service offering. Currently, we provide logistics services to the local and state-wide oil and gas, construction, mining, farming and retail sectors. Whatever the size, height, width or weight of the cargo you need to transport, we have the professional experience to make it happen.

Goods We Transport Interstate

We have a variety of regular business customers across industries in Australia for whom we provide transportation and logistics services. Our fleet has the capability to transport dangerous goods as well as any type of equipment, machinery or vehicle. Here are some examples of what we transport interstate:

  • Goods, equipment, material or merchandise
  • Commercial vehicles and mobile machinery such as forklift units, cranes, heavy machinery, earthmoving equipment and posi-track loaders
  • Structural steel used in infrastructure projects
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Trucks and buses
  • Tractors and other farming machinery
  • Shipping containers
  • Mining equipment
  • Boats, trailers, caravans and camper trailers

Transport Services NSW

Our Australia-wide fleet of transport services trailers can move any size or number of machines, objects and equipment thanks to our variety of transport vehicles. We choose each trailer specifically for the load it needs to carry. In all instances, we ensure that the interstate freight is securely placed on the trailer. We want to make sure that there is no risk of the goods shifting around or falling off. 

Our team strictly follows all relevant policies set by Government regulations, main road policies, police and utility services. We ensure that we adhere to all permits and quarantine laws throughout all operations. 

While we are based in New South Wales, we can transport goods from locations in one state to the other. Whether it’s from Western Australia to New South Wales and back, we’re here for your unique transport needs. 

Types Of Transport Trailers

Tilt Tray Trucks

These can be tilted to easily transport and, using a winch, load and unload interstate freight. Tilt tray trucks can transport heavy machinery, luxury vehicles and sea containers.

Forklift and Container Handlers

Loads can be high, wide and heavy, but it’s no problem with our transporting solutions. Plus, we can load up any accessories and transport them safely along with the forklift or container handler.

Flat-top or Open-top Trailers

These trailers are suitable to transport oversized items. We can easily load the freight onto the trailer using an overhead crane or forklift. 

Drop Deck Trailers and Low Loaders

These transport and deliver items where load height is an issue because the trailer bed is low on the ground. This enables the load to pass underneath bridges. Drop deck trailers often have two decks to accommodate the freight, but no sides or top.


These movers have curtain sides to protect the freight during transport. Available in different configurations, tautliners are used in the transport industry as general interstate freight carriers. They are stable and secure.

B-Double Trailers

These are sometimes confused with road trains but are actually a combination of two trailers. The second trailer is mounted on the rear of the first trailer via fifth-wheel coupling. 

Road Trains

Road trains are vehicles where two or more flat top trailers are linked together with a converter dolly. They feature tarps, gates, load restraints and timbers. These are far more efficient than single trailers because they have such a large capacity. 

Loads that are typically transported on road trains in Australia include petroleum, bulk commodities and livestock.

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart from other companies in the interstate transport industry are competitive prices and fast and efficient freight services and freight transport. As a professionally operated business, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service across Australia. Whatever your transport needs, our friendly team guarantees timely delivery of service personnel and drivers. 

All operations are carefully planned by trained professionals. We provide you with quotes and time frames for pickup and delivery before scheduling your freight transport. We also provide satellite tracking on all loads, whether local or interstate. We can immediately let you know where your goods are during transit. This allows us or our clients to prepare for forklifts and cranes ahead of time should they need these to offload large loads. 

All our transport trailers and prime movers adhere to the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). We are 100% compliant with driver fatigue management regulations. We are also certified in all fields of Occupational Health and Safety as relevant to interstate freight transport.

Get In Touch For Reliable & Secure Transport Services

Freight transport is a specialist services business, one that we have many years of experience in. When you need to transport large, multiple or valuable cargo interstate in Australia, we promise you an affordable, hassle-free and reliable service.

Contact us today for all your local or interstate freight transport and freight services requirements. We take great pride in going the extra mile to ensure you get the service you need. Our services operate Australia-wide, and our business is committed to meeting our clients’ needs.

Our reliable and secure transport services and freight transport has made us one of Australia’s great interstate transport companies. Call us now – our agents are ready to give you a free, no-obligation quote.