Tilt Tray Services

You may need towing services to transport sea containers, a luxury car, or heavy machinery or equipment from point A to point B, such as Forklift Units and/or farm machinery. 

Our years of experience in the towing industry have proven that the most tried and tested truck for transport and towing is the tilt tray truck. We offer reliable tilt tray services for all your towing needs, and we’ve got you covered.

What Is Tilt Tray Towing?

A tilt tray is a tray that is mounted onto a truck. When the tray is tilted at an angle and the rear end touches the ground, it is expertly positioned to load and unload heavy machinery or objects.

Tilt tray towing simply refers to the transport of this heavy machinery or large object (a container or a car, for example) on behalf of a client to a required destination. 

Our tilt tray services include loading heavy objects. We ensure your vehicle or machinery gets to its destination safely and efficiently.

How Do Tilt Trays Work?

Without a tilt truck, you’ll need a crane or a boom to load the car, container or machinery onto the truck. With a tilt tray, on the other hand, a winch at the front of the truck pulls the equipment onto the tray. 

By engaging a powerful hydraulic system at the base of the truck, the tray tilts to allow safe loading or unloading. Once the car or machinery is properly positioned on the truck, the hydraulic system ensures the tray is placed securely and horizontally on the back of the truck.

What Loads Can A Tilt Tray Truck Carry?

Vehicles and Cars

Boom towing with wheel-lift is not always the best option for towing away cars, especially not luxury cars or large ones. With a tilt tray, we can safely load your vehicle onto the bed of the truck. Here, it is secure and we can transport it with minimal risk of damage. 

Vehicles that have been in accidents and are positioned awkwardly are also faster and more easily towed when using a tilt tray truck. There is no need to manoeuvre the vehicle into a better position before towing it. 

Heavy machinery

One of the best features of a tilt tray service is the truck’s ability to easily handle oversized equipment and machinery. For example, think about construction and farm equipment and machinery that needs to be moved from one point to the other. These are difficult to move using a regular truck. 

With the bed tilted, we can easily load the equipment onto the truck and offload it at its destination. No hassle and no harm done!

Sea Containers

Tilt trucks are a great solution if you don’t have a large crane to move a shipping or sea container. However, it’s important to use a tilt tray that’s correctly rated for the weight of the load. This is something we can help you with.

Efficient And Affordable Tilt Tray Services

When looking for efficient and affordable tilt tray services, you want a company that can help you transport large and heavy loads on the go. 

Our tilt tray services are the most reliable car towing services in and around Perth and Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria. It is a more economic option than regular towing and is ideal for specialist industries, including construction, landscaping, farming and recycling.

Advantages Of Using A Tilt Tray Service

Best for towing damaged vehicles

Tilt tray services are ideal for towing a vehicle that has been damaged. By securely positioning it on top of the tilt tray, you can avoid further damage to the vehicle.

Best for large loads

Thanks to the hydraulic system, it’s easy to load and unload very large heavy loads. It’s also simple to re-position the bed of the truck horizontally.

Best for valuable loads

Tilt trays are the preferred choice for those who want to move valuable but heavy loads. The load is secured firmly on the tray. This ensures there is no risk of damage during transport.

Tilt tray trucks are safer

Tilt trays are very safe on the road. There is no risk of the load coming detached from the hook and chain as it is firmly placed on top of the truck’s bed.

Tilt tray trucks are versatile

Tilt tray trucks’ design allows for flexibility and versatility when loading objects. Thanks to hydraulics, it’s easy to adjust or angle the tray to lift any object from any position. They work on any terrain and are also suitable to use in places where space is tight.

Tilt Tray Services Perth, Australia

If you need to tow a vehicle, machinery, or heavy equipment, you need a tilt tray service. Not only is using a tilt tray service the best solution for all your towing and transportation needs, but it can save you money in the long run as it is efficient and safe. 

Our professional services offer unbeatable convenience when you need towing services for any load – big or small. Contact us today for more information on our towing services in Perth, Australia. We offer free quotes and professional, efficient service. And we guarantee a speedy yet safe and secure tow, with flexibility and convenience whether you need to transport containers, cars, or equipment. 

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